Client reviews

Anna Maruseva

"Vector Investment"advertisment and marketing department -
«One cannot count all the studios offering their services in 3D rendering any scale project. So when we first need quickly create high-quality bird-view picture of one of our housing estates we were a bit confused. Looking for a worthy partner got delayed: some didn't fit the price range, some denied to run the project because of the rather tight deadlines, others portfolios just didn't look inspiring. Then on our colleagues from the Architectural Bureau DNK recommendation we came to KEYLIGHT and began working on the project exactly with them. This the decision we've never regretted! And all the following projects that we did together with KEYLIGHT serve to be the best proof of that. The quality of the studio works are just the top. Pictures are alive, sharp and "jingling". This type of renders help to sell the apartments and country houses more effectively even at a very early stage of the project. Following the deadlines, efficient comments add, the attitude towards to their work - everything's fine with that. I want to thank the studio for the work and that the result is always meets the expectations .»

Irina Sharapova and Anna Belugina

"Tsimailo Lyashenko and partners" -
«Usually we start working with Alexandr Burbitsky at the stage of creating the concept when most attantion paid not only to perfect precision of 3D model, but also team-work in which Alexander plays the role of the artist while creating an image. In the beginning the design space plays a huge role, as well as the environment and the atmosphere. For example, if we design the houses located in the woods, it's important for us to convey the atmosphere of this particular forest and its image, for example, in autumn. And sometimes photomontage is not an option. Right at this moment begins our cooperation with Alexandr in creating a "mysterious forest" with a sense of trodden paths and sense of the old cottages that were there before... And then come yet only transparent forms of future homes and here starts the 2nd phase of forming home image and its work with the surrounding area. Alexandr always gets our vision and finds the right variant of materials, lighting, atmosphere and combines all into one. In his renders you can feel the warmth of sun, the smell of blossoming apple trees in the spring and fresh air after the rain!»

Roman Gorachek

BRT RUS Architect-
«We began to cooperate with KEYLIGHT last year. We were set in tight deadlines to fulfil the project and 3D-visualization. All of the works were done on time and in excellent quality. We were glad to meet the professional and creative approach to the task! That's great to find a team whom with we found work comprehension immediately, and someon you can rely on without any concern over the final result!»

Dmitry Leschinsky,,
«To realize our artistic and commercial projects we choose the best artists only: illustrators, photographers, musicians, designers and architects. When we need architectural visualization what happens quite often there is no doubt who will do it - of course KEYLIGHT!»

Sasha Lukich

"Portner Architects" owner -
«What we have been successfully working with Dmitry for 11 years - that means a lot. I can say that we are very exacting and "difficult" customer for visualizers. We seek visualisation only when we need to make an extraordinary presentation, and not risk project further more. In the end renders usually left investors greatfully speechless.»

Julia Romanovskaya

Chief architect of UMarchitects -
«We are working together for a very long time, though the tasks are very difficult all the time - both the scale and quality and artistry requirements and what is the most important - all this must be done on term (which is always disastrously little). So, for all those years KEYLIGHT haven't ever let us down on any of the points. We can always be sure that we have a reliable partner. Thank you, guys!»

Ekaterina Tolsteneva

Chief Architect, SUE "Mosproekt 2 them. MV Posokhin "
«Business relationship with the KEYLIGHT guys evolved during the entire period of my professional activities from 2002-2013. Addressed mainly to projects of significant scale, where an important role in the project's success assumed the qualitative presentation of ideas and architectural solutions. Some interiors we have worked together on are the face of the top Russian and Moscow government institutions. Based on my personal experience with CG experts almost for the whole period of my working proved that it's difficult to find an alternative to the boys among others. They almost always lost either in quality either in terms either in value. It is also important to note polite and friendly customer treatment, explaination of the available technical information, openness to dialogue, availability by phone and email. During our work I have not received any complaints neither from my employers neither from the customers considering the quality of images and timing, i.e. work has always taken the first.»

Nikitina Elena

Interior designer, company "Oneway"
«It's been a very long time we started to work with the guys from KEYLIGHT studio! I can always be sure I can rely on then, whether it's a project with extremely short terms and vague task or conversely a large project with a miriads of alterations and changes... And in both cases we get a quality spectaclur result, and always due the deadline. Thank you)»